Breathe Easier Synergy Blend Essential Oil by Edens Garden - 30 ml(Peppermint, Rosemary, Lemon & Eucalyptus)


A wig made of natural Slavic hair is a masterpiece of artistic understanding. If you need it, you will not be able to understand how this happens, because it is impossible. He spoke about the intricacies of his profession. This woman was theatrical props, she worked in the theater. According to her, they watched only from the stage. “Not only the hand, but also the heart must be attached to truly elegant things.”



The wig is good, but it needs to be put in order before use: straighten, and even better to create a root volume, so that you can not see strips from the wig on the back of the head, you can still sew it, to tighten the rows of hair to each other if necessary and thereby seal it, but so far i did not. The color is good *